About Me

Hey there! I’m Shaun, a native of the beautiful island of Aruba and currently based in Spain. I am a marketing consultant by day and a digital illustrator by night! As you can see from the image, I was very much into art from a very young age. As the years passed, the pressures of growing up and the demands of everyday life took their toll. On top of that, being colorblind made it harder to be creative and the sketchbook pages were no longer filled. Despite the spark of creativity flickering within, the time for art slowly diminished, and the joy of creating was buried. 

During the pandemic I felt like I needed a creative outlet and I decided to make flat illustrations of my friends as a unique gift idea. I decided to create an Instagram account where I would post all of my creations for fun but never imagined I would receive requests from people wanting a custom illustration as well. One thing led to another and that’s how Crea-shauns was born.
I immersed myself into the digital art world with a lot of trial and error and YouTube tutorials. I also decided that being colorblind was not going to be an obstacle in my rediscovered passion and found ways to work with it.
From there, I started expanding into creating not only custom illustrations but also artwork that others could enjoy. I look forward to continuing to do this!

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